Need a new identity?

You may have questions about your logo design process because you’re new to this whole branding thing. Here are a few things to consider.

1. Objective

What is the purpose of the brand? i.e., stand out from competition, identify a new product, upgrade the company image, etc. If there is a current brand, why is it being refreshed?

2. Basic Information

Company Name – What word(s), letter(s) or icon(s) must be included in the logo? What are the companies values and/or mission?

3. Product or Service Description

What are it’s features &/or benefits? What is it that makes this product or service different or unique from the competition?

4. Target Audience

Who are your readers / viewers / customers? i.e. Age, Sex, Job Titles, Socio-Economic Conditions, Employment, Geographic Concentration, etc. Do they already know about your product or service? What motivates them? Why do they want this product?

5. Distribution

Are there any production considerations? i.e., needs to work in one or two colours, or at very small sizes, etc. How will the logo be reproduced? i.e., offset printing, web, clothing, embroidery, embossing, vehicle wrap, etc.

6. Creative Consideration

What limitations or constraints must be considered? i.e., schedule, budget, etc. What are some logos you like/dislike? What is it that you like/dislike about them?

7. Competition

Who are your competitors and what set you apart from them? do you offer anything different?

8. Last but not least!

Most communications leave one overall impression. Is there something specific the customer should remember about the company after seeing your brand?

Download this simple briefing document to complete and get started on your new brand.