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Every business needs a website,
why not make it exceptional


Provide a brief outline of the work required. There’s no need to be super detailed about it, just a brief overview of what you need from your website. If you have examples of existing sites it’s always a good idea to provide references.

Domain Registration & Hosting

List your current website address (if you have one).
If not we recommend Crazy Domains for all domain registration & hosting.


What are the objectives of your website? ie;

  • To increase brand awareness
  • To gather information
  • Interact with current customers
  • Provide better information to potential clientele
  • Sell goods &/or services
Functional Requirements

List any functional requirements, for example you might need secure login for clients, an online gallery, or a CMS to manage the sites content. Please list these in bullet form.

Technical Requirements

Technical requirements would cover your current hosting platform if you have one, specific requirements that would limit or potentially change the website build. Do you need the site to be responsive (mobile friendly), work across a specific platform. If these all seem like Techno babble, don’t stress we’ll work it out.

Look & Feel

If you have a current website, what are you NOT happy with? Are you looking for something more corporate, more edgy, something softer or more personal. It’s a good idea to provide examples to illustrate what you do like about other sites or even provide competitor sites out there.


List the pages outlining any specific page requirements and any links outside the site. A bullet point list here is fine, but be sure to indicate the level of pages.

Social Media Integration

List any requirement for your site to be integrated with social media. Are you already on Twitter &/or Facebook? Do you have a Pinterest account? If not would you like us to set all of this up for you and integrate it with your new site?

Ongoing Maintenance

Will there be someone from your company maintaining the site? If so, what is their level of expertise? Will they require training or ongoing support?

[action full_width=”yes” content_in_grid=”yes” type=”normal” text_font_weight=”500″ show_button=”yes” button_size=”medium” button_target=”_self” background_color=”#0068ff” padding_top=”40″ padding_bottom=”40″ text_size=”18″ button_text=”Get in Touch” button_link=”/contact”]Putting together a website brief isn’t too difficult and you don’t need to write a novel. Keep it simple and straightforward, and ensure you include everything you want from your website.[/action]